+ Transitioning from coal, PE's return expectations on ESG, Raw material shocks for cleantech, and extinctions and disappearances
+ Big Oil's big climate shocks, IEA's Net Zero Roadmap, the failings of carbon offsets, and ecosystem restoration
The Climate Finance Initiative Newsletter offers quick digests and insights around what is happening in climate finance. While the Climate Finance Init…
We talk about opportunities and gaps in Climate Innovation Funding + There's two cool blueprints for us to build early-stage climate financing ecosyste…
+ India's solar troubles (again), a green hydrogen future for India, climate smart credit ratings, and the climate cost of feeding the world
+ India's first SPAC is renewable, Reliance's net-zero shift, building 30 billion square metres, and low-carbon policies' impact on petrostates
+ zero energy investments in India, corporate renewable energy trends, what India's first solar InvIT offers
+ carbon inequality in India, net-metering rules hamper rooftop solar, carbon capture draws Elon's attention, and wind's collateral damage on balsa wood
+ Green jobs, Investors taking action against carbon-intensive companies, climate refugees in India
+ financing the EV revolution, insurance and worsening natural disasters, LEDs shining light, stock markets turning green, and CFI's 6-month roadmap
+ the incubation-growth gap in climate startups, net-zero trends, reducing temperature rises, and getting to 100 Billion
+ growing climate bonds, the struggles of DRE, subsidising renewable subsidies, and a finishing school for climate data analytics firms